Great minds think a-like - We have a new name!

We're Changing Names: Same Same but Different

I had this idea floating around in my mind and I messaged Sandi on a whim ...


... Turns out she'd been thinking the exact same thing and meant to message me the week before.

reflections of an educator

Gaby: Throwing this out there randomly ... what do we think about changing our name to Reflections of an Educator <thinking face emoji> <smiling emoji>

Sandi: OMFG!!!!! I was going to send you that EXACT SAME message last week!!!!!! 

Gaby: <bleep> LOL ... I've been thinking of it too ... And also not messagig you about it LOL ... We are clearly so <bleepen> awesomely clever. 

Sandi: So it's a yes from me <crazy face emoji>. It makes way more sense. 

So, we are changing from the Educator's Symposium & Resource Emporium to Reflections of an Educator as we feel that is more us! It aligns with our reflections journals as well as our Facebook group ... 

So there we have it! 

New year, new us! 

Reflections of an educator logo

Gaby & Sandi 

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