How Can I Use the Printable ESRE Products?

How do I use the printable ESRE Productions products?

Whether you print them or use them digitally, the journals and diaries are versatile and designed for you to personalise. 

Different strokes for different folks. I’m personally a pencil and paper type of human. I don’t know what it is about the feeling of the graphite scrolling across the paper that just makes me so ridiculously happy. I also love the angle of the pencil which just makes my handwriting look next level awesome! It’s both a sensory and a visual experience for me. I also love the process of cutting out images and text and then piecing them together to create a visual representation of my thoughts, gluing down the edges. 

However not everyone loves writing by hand like I do. Some people like following a more digital pathway Our products were originally printed and we didn’t anticipate going in a more digital direction. BUT you guys asked us again and again (Hi Linda!) and we listened (finally). We love, and I mean LOVE supporting our team (that means YOU!). 

Linda was stoked when I told her that we had finally made our products made digitally

This is an actor playing Linda with her handy dandy iPad, our long time customer when we told her that we were making our products available digitally ... 

We have created a whole bunch of dated downloadable versions of our traditional diaries and journals. This means you can print them and bind them yourself which gives you the flexibility that you crave as an individual. Or it means you can use them digitally and don’t have to print a thing! 

For those of you who love working on digital platforms such as tablet  we are here to support you too! 

We’ve reached out to our community and found out the apps that they are using to work with our products. Essentially you need an app that will allow you to markup PDFs. The two that were most mentioned by our members of our Facebook group Reflections of an Educator (are you a member? If not click on the name of the group or click HERE and you can head over there and join) were Squid and Notability. So … keep reading to learn more. 

Reflections of an Educator Facebook Group

How do I read and print my new ESRE product?

Our digital products are delivered to you in PDF format. In order to be able to read and print this document you need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or something similar. Simply head over to Google and search for a PDF reader for =whatever computer system you are using=. That will let you read the documents and then print them. 

What if I’m having problems printing the document? 

Some of our products are a bit on the chonky side. Our diary for example is a beast as it is a day to a page - so 456 pages or 228 sheets. If you are having problems printing it, you may need to look at printing it in sections. It could be due to your computer’s working memory (RAM), you may need to update the driver for your printer or there could be some other issues at play. 

We are unfortunately not techies and cannot assist you in the finer details of hardware issues. We have extensively tested our systems and processes by downloading all our items ourselves and printing them. We have had multiple members of our team do this on different working systems. We can assist you with downloading issues, but otherwise you’ll need to seek professional technical assistance.

kids as computer experts

If you cannot solve the problem of printing at home or work, it may be easier for you to take the file on a USB to your local quick print place like Officeworks and print and bind the document there. They can do these things often far faster than we can at home! 

Can I use these products on a tablet or device?


YES! Yes you can! I have used ipads in the past, but not really of late. I’m honestly more inclined to our printed products, but this isnt about me is it? This is about YOU!  We reached out to our Reflections of an Educators Facebook crew and they shared with us the two apps they are using for our products. We have one for Android and one for Apple and I’ll detail these for you below and include links. 

How can I use the ESRE Products on our iPads?

For the Apple products you will want to get your hands on Notability. This app will enable you to markup your PDF. You can write using a stylus, type in text, cut and paste, add photos, add in cut outs from our other digital printable series including our Scrapbook Series of EYLF bubbles and also our new quotes printable!  

notability app for reflections of an educator products



How can I use the ESRE Products on our Android tablets?

Firstly, I’m sorry I’m not an Android user (or any tablet for that matter!), however we have some amazing customers who are using our products on their tablets and they are using Squid. Squid gives you the ability to markup PDFs which is what you want to do! So you use a stylus to write, add text and include photos and other embellishments such as our amazing printable Scrapbook Series

squid app for use with esre productions products

Squid Notes:  https://www.squidnotes.com/

Our ESRE products are versatile and customisable … 

So whether you want to print and use our product as a physical book or you use an app to use our products digitally - they are versatile. They are perfect for you personalise regardless of how you use them. That’s what sets our publications apart from the others. 

Make sure you join our Reflections of an Educator Facebook group where you can share your work or check out the work of our ESRE Champions. There are some wonderfully creative and innovative users in our group who are more than happy to share and collaborate with other educators. We really do have a kickass community. 

Gaby Flavin 

Sticks & Stones Education

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