How to Start Your Reflection Journal

How to Start Your Reflection Journal

So you now have your very own amazing Personal Reflections Journal in your hot little hands.

It’s gorgeous isn't it.

So, now what?

Where to start?

I know that it can be a little overwhelming with 137 pages to tackle. Not to mention the whole concept of setting goals and trying to find things to celebrate about yourself. I get it. I really do. I too was once overwhelmed. But please don’t feel overwhelmed or panicked. I’m here to guide you.


One of the fantastic things about the Personal Reflections Journal is that it’s not a completely blank book. We have designed a beautiful selection of pages that support you in self-reflection and the celebration of self.  These pages are here for you to explore, decorate and document. We have also included some open-ended pages where you can then personalise them even further. The styling is inspired by bullet journals.

I’ll be sharing some of my own pages on our social accounts and our websites. 

Page 1

On page 1, start with your name.  It really is that simple.  In the polaroid, you can add in a photo of yourself or you can even draw if you are so inclined. Then write your name. You can handwrite it, use calligraphy or even use stamps. You could also type, print and paste your name in. Whatever way you are comfortable with.


There are some amazing artists using the journal so if you’re one of those amazing creatives - go for it!  The space below the polaroid has become an open ended space where you can either write your personal philosophy or place inspirational quote or motto. I found a quote last year and used that and found it very motivational.

You could also use this space to note down your word of the year. My word last year was FLOW. I certainly did a fair amount of flowing, quite possibly too much. I am thinking I might use the word Rhythm for 2020, Possibly Rhythm & Flow or perhaps Flourish.

Page 3

This page tells you how to use the journal, which is any which way you want. If you’re an early childhood educator or a teacher working in the primary or high school years - you can use this journal to set your goals and then document your progress and growth.

We designed the journal so that if you are a more functional and straight forward you can fill it out. Alternatively if you are a creative, you can go to town with collage and drawings and paint and doodles. If you want to explore your creative side, then I suggest you start with collage. You can use magazines, or you can find imagery online. You ca also make your own and use programs like Canva or PicMonkey and create your own. 

Pages 4 and 5

These pages are an opportunity for you to think positively about yourself! Are you a great writer? A fabulous friend? Are you a great listener? Are you musical? Are you a voracious reader? An animal lover? Do you volunteer for a charity? This is your chance to shine. Decorate the trunk and branches as you wish. Colour the leaves in spring and summer green or autumnal oranges, yellows and browns. Or you may want to colour them in shades of rainbow. Whatever reflects you.

 {Photo coming ... page in progress!} 

Pages 6 and 7

These pages are one of my favourite fun activities - Wellbeing Bingo! In my first journal I just wrote down the activities that brought me comfort or refreshed my soul. A good friend and another user of the journal used photographs to illustrate her journal and I fell in love. So this is what I’ve done and will continue to do. I just love it. You can include actual images of say your pets, or your garden, you walking shoes, or your favourite mug and brand of tea. Another user draws … but I am no where near that level!


Pages 14 and 15

You can skip ahead in your journal if you like and play around with pages 14 and 15. This wish list is a two page spread and includes both wishes and needs. I like to prioritise them - so the things that would really improve my life can be seen as a priority are sprinkled across the ‘needs’ page and the frivolous, more fun ones are on the ‘wish’ side.


Page 8 and 9

The vision board! I started using a vision board for 2019. It’s framed and hanging on my wall at my front door so I can see it every day.  I found it such a fabulous exercise to visualise what I would like my future year to look like.  I’ve done them before, but never with such intent.

I felt that it was such a valuable exercise that we just had to incorporate it into our newest edition. And that we did. It is entirely up to you how you use these pages. You can use them for personal, professional or even business goals or all of those! Divide the pages into quarters and use the quadrants to illustrate your vision for the year ahead. You can find images online, words, create your own word art, use magazines and stickers. Just make sure you use a dry paste glue or scrapbooking tape. You don’t want your pages to ripple.

 {Photo coming ... page in progress!} 

Pages 10-13

Then there are the Phoenix Cups’ pages on pages 10-13 where you can explore your Cups need’s profile. I did mine and my freedom cup is dominant. That explains a lot! https://www.phoenixcups.com.au/ is here you can learn about The Cups Framework and take their quiz.

 {Photo coming ... page in progress!} 

Pages 16 and 17

Pages 16 and 17 are the beehive - a hive of activity where you can write down all the things you would love to learn about or even try. I have some dry examples such as budgeting and but also some more adventurous ones like using power tools and decorative cookie making!


Now it's your turn ... 

I think at this point you should be well on your way to feeling comfortable with starting your new schmick reflection journal. The key is to just start.  Pick up a pencil and make your mark ... and if you don't like what you've done, rub it out and put pencil to paper again. 

Start where you are ... 

The creative team behind these journals believe in you. 

 Join us on Facebook in our Reflections of an Educator group. Share what you are doing, or just take a peek at what others are creating. You are welcome in our space. 

Yours Truly,


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