Reflections from Gaby's Journal: The Importance of Routines

The Importance of Routines for a Teacher

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Last year I had set some goals around routines and rhythms. But I let it go = foolishly. I know how crucial - well critical it is. 

It’s the basis of all success. I do not just mean big win successes - I mean getting out of the house on time or remembering where I put my phone or having adequate time to write or work on my business = small but very necessary things. 

I suppose this aligns strongly with my sense of wellbeing. I dream of FLOW - I dream of simplicity and a sense of calm purpose.

I became distracted by bigger, almost-too-big goals and because I didn't set the foundation I needed, I couldn't achieve as much. 

So back to the start where I will set the FOUNDATION for my year of successes = mini + small + midi + BIG. 

~ Gaby ~

excerpt from my Reflections of an Educator Journal

27th January 2019

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