Teacher and Educator Gift Giving Guide!

Teacher and Educator Gift Giving Guide!

Yes, it is that time of year again and you find yourself deciding what to get your child’s teacher or educator. While it can be a tedious process, it does not have to be, here at ESRE we have done the work for you.

While educators and teachers do not undertake this job with the expectation of a gift, as parents we sometimes want to acknowledge the care and support that they have shown our children and our families throughout the year.

Teachers and educators are caring, nurturing, accepting and all-around kind people, therefore whatever gift you choose it will no doubt be appreciated.

Here at ESRE, we have complied a list of ten things your child’s teacher would LOVE.

Be your educator’s favourite parent this year.

10.Bottle of wine with a personalised wine glass - make sure they drink it first and find out their favourite. If all else fails, just grab the grooviest looking bottle / label. To personalise the gift, get a special decorative glass, maybe even with their name embossed.

9. Support a small business – Teachers are inundated with unhealthy snacks, so why not get them a healthy platter from a local café or business for morning tea that they can put in the staff room! (Make sure it is Covid-19 safe).

8. Gift Cards – Let teachers and educators choose their own gift, this works especially well if they are challenging to buy for or you want them to give the freedom of what they want.

7. Stationary – One thing that can never go astray is stationary! You could include, coloured markers, writing pens, highlighters, stickers, post-it notes and washi tape.

6. Keep it Cup – Most educators and teachers live on coffee or tea! Giving teachers a Keep It Cup is a thoughtful and sustainable gift they can use all year round.

5. A massage voucher – Let us be honest, with the amount of time educators spend on their feet and lifting heavy things all day – if anyone deserve a treat it is teachers!

4. A movie voucher – who does not like to put their feet up and relax? Giving your educators a movie voucher will allow them to go to a show of their choice and give them a great day or night out.

3. Draw a special picture - Simply ask your child to draw a special picture or write a letter to their teacher. This is the kind of gift that makes a teacher’s heart swell! 

 2. ESRE Diary and Calendar – Given teachers and educators one of these amazing diaries or calendars will allow them to plan their year. Our updated edition has some new features as well as trusted favourites! This perpetual diary features daily pages to organise and plan your time, sections for personal reflection, notes, and even pages to keep our post-it notes safe. 

1. ESRE Journal -The Reflective Journals are designed for people to personalise. Teachers are all unique, therefore the reflection journals give them the freedom to write, draw, paint, doodle, and colour-in our illustrations to make this journal your very own tool for personal reflection.  Each journal is as unique as the person using it.
Whatever you do- do not buy chocolate, mugs or candles! They get enough of these to sink a ship!
Elise Waghorn

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