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Our reflective journal, planning diary and calendar are unique publications in the education space. They are designed to be open ended and to suit all education and care services. We wanted something that would unite educators rather than divide them. We also wanted to provide educators with some ongoing support. 
One of the ways in which we have provided a platform for support and connection has been through our Facebook group. The group is called Reflections of an Educator. There are many educators in this space who share their work and not only is it inspiring that educators are supporting one another in such a selfless and caring way, their work in their journals, diaries and calendars is simply breathtaking. I thought I was clever ... but these educators have taken the idea that Sandi and I designed, and they made it their own. They breathed life into the pages. 
One of the many things on my to-do list for this year has been to set up the ESRE blog. And so today is the day! I hope to share with you my own personal reflections as well as some of the pages of my personal journal. I have used my journal as a human person rather than as an educator as I am currently not working as an educator. I wanted this blog to be a demonstration of reflection with the intention to inspire others, but also a means to celebrate the amazing work of other educators.

I have found the Reflections of an Educator Journal so valuable in setting goals for myself and then working towards them. Keeping on top of them has to be honest a bit hit and miss - but I'm human and I can only do so much in the time I have. 
For those of you who don't know me, I'm Gaby! I am one of the founders of the Educator's Symposium & Resource Emporium. I own Sticks & Stones Education as well as work full time in an early learning service. I am also a devoted user of the refections journal! It is actually sitting below my laptop as I write this. Sandi Phoenix is the other half of this venture and she owns Phoenix Support for Educators
So here is the beginning of our blog! Welcome and enjoy!
- Gaby 
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