Stall Holder Applications - 2022



So you're keen on joining the  2022 ESRE Education Emporium held in Sydney? The Education Emporium is an innovative early childhood and education market held in Sydney each year. Our event is highly curated so we are very careful to ensure there is a balance of quality toys and educational resources.

The Event Organiser is Sticks & Stones Education

About The Educator's Resource Emporium

The Education Emporium is an annual event held in Sydney, NSW Australia showcasing some of the most amazing and gorgeous small businesses. It is a market event where members of the public, educators, schools and early childhood services and families come together. 

We carefully select the stall holders who join the event as we want to create a balanced community market that inspires customers to return again and again. 

  • Early childhood professionals including educators, managers, owners and operators.
  • Long Day Care, Pre-School, Kinder, Family Day Care, Occasional Care Services, Kindergarten, Play Groups, Support Agencies, and
  • Registered Training Organizations, Families, Local community groups.
  • Families with young children.


WHERE: Addison Road Community Centre @ 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204
WHEN: Saturday 25th September 2021

BUMP IN: 7.00 am with trading commencing at 10.00am (3 hours indoor set up)
BUMP OUT: 3.00pm (unless the venue is still full of customers!) 

FOOD & REFRESHMENTS: TBC - in previous years, the Foti Brothers are joining us again and providing coffee and refreshments. These are available for purchase and they’re yum!

While we’re the advertising the event for 10am-3pm there may be customers still very much engaged with the market, we encourage you to stay and trade should we still have customers! Or alternatively, if the market has slowed down, vendors may start to pack away earlier than 3pm.

  • The joy of participating in the most innovative awesome education event fondly known as the Education Emporium!
  • A great deal of bang for your buck that you won’t receive at other early childhood events or conferences.
  • A pop-up-shop space: a market space that accommodates 3 tables or as otherwise negotiated with the event coordinator.
  • A comprehensive advertising campaign which includes: promotion on the ESRE Facebook Page and website, paid targeted Facebook advertising as well as online event and advertising listings, and an email campaign.

By becoming a Stall Holder of the Education Emporium you agree to the following terms and conditions. The ESRE team do not accept any responsibility for any errors, omissions or changes.

  • All prices are in Australian Dollars and are all inclusive.
  • If we do not receive your payment by the invoice due date, your allocated sponsorship or pop-up-shop runs the risk of being cancelled and offered to another participant.
  • You will not receive any sponsorship or emporium entitlements (including booth allocation) until all monies have been paid.
  • You must notify ESRE Event Organisers in writing if you intend to cancel sponsorship or your Emporium Pop-Up-Shop. No Vendor shall assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any part of their exhibition and/or sponsorship package except upon prior written consent of the ESRE event coordinators.
  • Cancellations will be refunded the cost of their Pop-Up-Shop less 50% of the total purchase price. The retention of the Pop-Up-Shop fee is to compensate the event organizers for administration costs, venue hire and advertising.
  • Cancellations made after the closing date (30/06/2021) will not be refunded minus the administration fee.
  • Should the event be delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions, then the stall fee can be carried over. 
  • Should the event be cancelled, the application fees will be returned when the organiser is able. 


  •  Each Vendor is allocated a table/space. This will be labelled with the Vendor’s name. Please do not take extra tables unless they are given to you by the Event Organisers or their appointed representatives.
  • During the bump-in and bump-out times, all Vendors and their representatives are to abide by the time frames and keep their belongings within their space. All aisles are to be free and clear for others to navigate.
  • Please don’t damage anything. If the venue is damaged and that damaged is attributed to a particular vendor and or their representatives, then the vendor will be invoiced by Sticks & Stones Education for the cost of the damage.


  • ESRE’s Emporium is a curated event and as such we handpick our Vendors. Our goal is to provide customers with a dynamic event and a variety of Pop-Up-Shops with quality products. In other words, we don’t need 5 vendors selling the same products to customers. We need vendors who can sell items on the day. As we grow, we are able to invite non-product based services and other business that support early childhood services, educators, and families.
  • Respect your ESRE Emporium comrades. Undercutting prices on the same or similar products and disrespecting  intellectual property and designs of other Vendors is not acceptable. Should proven unethical tactics be brought to our attention, we won’t play with you anymore. And that would be sad. Don’t make the ESRE organizers and comrades sad.
  • No vendor may ask another vendor not to carry certain products. Vendors MAY wish to negotiate between themselves, but there is no obligation. You might want to price match, but again, no obligation. Act ethically.
  • Advertising material (e.g. banners) is not allowed outside the designated Pop-Up-Shop area unless previously organised with the ESRE event coordinators.
  • Obstruction of the aisles or walkways, in any form, is not allowed. Don’t trip people up, it’s not nice.  I’ll say it again, you will be responsible for any reasonable costs of repairing the event space if you paint, mark or damage any fixtures, carpet, walls or fabric. So, just don’t, ok?
  • You are solely responsible for any physical loss or damage to your own property. We look after you and the customers, and you look after your property.
  • Public and Product Liability insurance to a minimum of $10 million must be taken out by each Vendor at their own expense. We will need a copy of your insurance prior to your attendance at ESRE. Market insurance is available for single events and its very reasonable. Google will fill you in.
  • Please show respect to your fellow Vendors. Please don’t block or hinder them or their engagement with ESRE in any way.
  • ESRE Event Organizers reserve the right to make adjustments, rearrange the floor plan and/or relocate any Vendor without notice. We will not be able to grant discounts or refunds for any facilities not used or required.
  • No exhibitor will be allowed to begin move-in operations or be listed as an exhibitor in the on-site publications until full payment has been received by the event organisers.
  • We request that you consider the environmental principles of reducing waste, water and energy with the use of packaging and the use of plastic and disposable products.
  • Vendors will need to remove their own garbage, boxes, packaging etc. This venue does not provide free rubbish removal.


  • The event coordinators retain the rights to develop all content on the ESRE Facebook page, e-magazine, emails, and other publications and promotions.
  • The event coordinators use both paid, collaborations and free forms of advertising. 

If you would like to apply for the Education Emporium, please fill out this form HERE. If you are successful, we will email you and send you an invoice. 

Thank you for considering being a part of the ESRE Education Emporium! 





Sticks & Stones Education 

& The Education Emporium Team!